Improving today securing tomorrow one step at a time trekking for kids organisation

We thank gratefully our friends from Trekking for Kids, a U.S. Organization, for the generous donation and for the beautiful days we have spent together!


In April, Trekking for Kids Organization, contacted us through mail, with the intention to financially support an orphanage in Brasov. After a thorough analysis, the organization decided to support our foundation with almost 20 000 USD. With this amount of money, we were able to buy and install solar panels for the Livezii House in July, and in September we intend to repair the roof of the Salix House.

At the end of July, 13 american volunteers from Trekking for Kids Organisation, came to Romania to get involved in working with children without parents, and also to see the natural surroundings of Brasov. Together with a guide they hike through the mountains and visited museums, for four days. They also, spent three beautiful days with our children. We have done tie-dye, we have worked on renovations, we have organized a party with barbecue and marshmallows, we have played basketball and football and all children have received gifts. In their last day we have made a trip to Dambul Morii and went to have lunch at a local restaurant. For us, especially for children, meeting those special persons, was a wonderful experience, full of joy !