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Giving is in all our nature.
To be able to accomplish all the goals we have set, our organization needs your support. You can follow our projects throughout the years and you will be convinced that we use every resource in a very responsible way.
The person who invests in a child’s education contributes to a better future.
No matter how small the help might be, for us it means a lot.
Thank you!

The accounts for donations and the sponsorships:
RO62BRDE080SV05858460800 –LEI
RO40BRDE080SV04530000800- CHF


Fundatia pentru Copii Abandonati, Ghimbav

CF 7811611

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Join our team as a volunteer and we will try together to help people in need!
At the same time, you can capitalize your talents and you can enrich your experience on social assistance filed.
If you would like to be our volunteer, please send us a Resume and a Letter of Intent on our email address:
A law passed in 2016 allows you the possibility to redirect 2% of your income tax from the state’s budget towards a non-profit organization. We will be very glad if “For Abandoned Children” Foundation will be your choice.
If you have decided to give us the 2% of your income tax you have to :

– Download 230 or 200 for and fill it with your personal data and sign it,
– Bring/send it to our office by May 25th 2016,
Fundatia pentru Copii Abandonati
Ghimbav- Brasov, Postal Code 507075
Str. Pietii , nr. 103

– Send it via post office
– May 25th 2016, to General Directorate of Public Finance of your place of residence

Documents :

230 Form.pdf for salary income
200 Form.pdf for salary income as Authorized Person for doing business

We will be more than grateful if you will send our request to your colleagues, friends, and relatives.
We thank you!

As individuals have the option to redirect 2% of income tax to a social cause, the business sector can also invest in the nonprofit area, through sponsorship. According to legislation (Law No. 32/1994 reference to sponsorship, modified and amended by Ordinance of the Government no. 36/1998, Law No. 204/2001 and Law no. 394/2006), companies and firms can redirect a part of the tax on profit to a social cause, in the limit of 3% of turnover business or 20% of the tax on profit (between the two, the smallest amount of money is taken into consideration). All you need to do is fill out a sponsorship contract, which is very simple and easy to do. The accountant should calculate the amount of money and then the money is transferred into the selected NGO’s account.
For more information please press here

Sponsorship Guide : Download Document

Fiscal Code and sponsorship operations in company’s account Download Document