Proiect acasa

“Home” Project is the main project of the Abandoned Children Foundation, which started in 1995. The project is focused on supporting the two family-type children’s homes: “Prichindel House” and “Livezii House.” At the moment, there are 24 youth, ages 6-20 years who are living at those locations.

We aim to encourage each child:
– to cultivate a talent,
– to find a purpose in life,
– to become responsible people in society,
– to develop a harmonious personality based on moral values like: honesty, fairness, non-violence, compassion, dignity, tolerance, respect, friendship, love for nature, and Christian faith, in order for them to be happy and have a fulfilled life.

The children attend kindergarten and school in Ghimbav and Brasov. They receive help for homework but they are also encouraged to participate in extracurricular activities, depending on the interests and skills: sport, dance (we have a national dance champion), music, ballet, painting, tailoring, pottery.

Our purpose is to take care of them until they will become independent or they will be reintegrated into their biological families.