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“Home” Project is the main project of the Abandoned Children Foundation, which started in 1995. The project is focused on supporting the two family-type children’s homes: “Prichindel House” and “Livezii House.” At the moment, there are 24 youth, ages 6-20 years who are living at those locations.

We aim to encourage each child:
– to cultivate a talent,
– to find a purpose in life,
– to become responsible people in society,
– to develop a harmonious personality based on moral values like: honesty, fairness, non-violence, compassion, dignity, tolerance, respect, friendship, love for nature, and Christian faith, in order for them to be happy and have a fulfilled life.

The children attend kindergarten and school in Ghimbav and Brasov. They receive help for homework but they are also encouraged to participate in extracurricular activities, depending on the interests and skills: sport, dance (we have a national dance champion), music, ballet, painting, tailoring, pottery.

Our purpose is to take care of them until they will become independent or they will be reintegrated into their biological families.


This project is based on primary care of 6 children diagnosed with Major Thalassemia, which is a genetic disease, characterized by a genetic defect that reduces the rate of synthesis or no synthesis of one of the “chains” that make up hemoglobin.

These six children need monthly transfusions to survive. Although multiple transfusions on the long term save their lives, they also produce a severe side effect – excess of iron stored especially in the liver, heart, and endocrine glands. Therefore, to achieve an iron balance, the children need an excruciating and very expensive treatment with Desferal (a chelating agent) 3 days per week. All these treatments require a substantial financial effort. The allocated budget for medical care for these children exceeds over 15,000 Euros annually.

The “Choose to go to School !” Project is addressed to children from Ghimbav who are on the verge of dropping out of school because of home circumstances.
Our aim is to provide both moral support and guidance to these children and motivate them to keep going to school.
They have the possibility to do their homework being guided by our pedagogue. They receive a daily snack, and we provide them with supplies and other materials that are needed in school. We organize for them camps, trips, festivals, guitar lessons, and shows. The project benefits 15-18 children.

“A step towards independence” project is focused on socio-professional integration of the young people, which are leaving our homes, and are trying to get ready to become independent.
Our goal is to help youth realize the meaning and importance of leaving home, and then prepare them to face the requests and demands of social life:
– to learn how to manage their financial resource,
– to know where and how to pay their bills,
– to learn how to get their supplies and cook,
– to look for a house/ a place to live,
– to search for a job.
The project was recently aided by purchasing an apartment in Codlea. Two girls are currently living in the apartment without paying any rent. They receive a monthly stipend, which they have to manage efficiently.

“Social Support” Project is focused on needy families in Ghimbav and its surroundings; and it consists of material support and counseling.
Over the year we offer constant support to 10-15 families in need from Ghimbav and its surroundings. They are provided food weekly, clothing, money, and a hot meal with a home visit.
“Dumbravita” Project developed in partnership with “Samariteanul Milos ” is based on meeting the needs of the gipsy community and supports the kindergarten located in Dumbravita, Brasov County. .

56 gipsy (rroma) families receive daily bread from us and monthly food, detergents, etc… We ask from the assisted families to continue children’s education by regularly sending their children to kindergarten or school.

Some families receive financial support to renovate their houses, knowing that in this village, many of the houses don’t have running water, electricity, sewage, optimal heating sources, and are in harsh conditions. Rromas are constantly monitored by us and as a result only those who show that they are serious are receiving support. They must not drink alcohol, they need to have a seasonal or permanent job, and take care of their children.

Our goal is that through this project, the creative workshops, which were so functional in the past, will be brought back to life.

The first step for this has already been taken. Before Christmas, the children revived the creation workshop.They had a chance to sew and decorate according to their wishes and imagination.
The workshop is equipped with raw, brightly colored materials and a pottery kiln. Here, our children can develop their personal abilities and skills through creativity.

We will modernize the carpentry workshop and arrange a tailoring workshop as well. Through these, we hope to provide a possible work place. If in the future we will see that these workshops are profitable, we will initiate a business.

We are looking for possible funding in order to achieve these goals.


The Project Workshop Diversis- Social economy unit – is a project co-financed by a grant from Switzerland through the Swiss Contribution to the enlarged European Union.
Cofinancing Value : 93 690 CHF

The Project Workshop Diversis- Social economy unit started in 1.07.2013 and aims to strengthen partnerships between the Foundation for abandoned children of Ghimbav, Brasov and two Swiss partner organizations. The main purpose of the project is to develop the romanian organization and to offer innovative services to socially vulnerable persons.
Workshop Diversis is a sheltered sewing workshop located in Ghimbav, Brasov county, with a maximum of eight employees, disabled or needy persons, or youths out of the orphanages. The project aims to offer personal development and increased quality of life to the employees. All income from the economic activities of the workshop will be used, by the foundation, for the development of the Workshop Diversis Project or other projects implemented by the foundation.

Partners: Venein zur Unterstützung Verlassener Kinder in Romänien, Basel, Switzerland si Stiftung Wendepunkt , Muhen, Switzerland

People looking for a stable job, from one of the following categories:
disabled persons,
youth out of the orphanages or
needy persons (net monthly income / family member max. 355 lei),
can call for enrollment at (004)0740.757.109, (004)0741124473- Carmen Cristureanu- Project Manager, or can send an e-mail at