Brief History

November 1994 – Swiss pedagogue Sonja Kunz starts her activity in Brasov and together with Maria Gavriliu prepares “Children’s House – family type” Project.

March 1995 – “For Abandoned Children” Association is established in Basel and begins the collaboration with the “For Abandoned Children” Foundation from Brasov.

April 1995 – Bought a house in Ghimbav. The renovation is done with financial support from the Swiss Association.

May 1995 – Sonja Kunz is hired by the Swiss Association.

January 1996 – “Prichindel House” is being opened and receives the first 3 children.

April 1998 – “Livezii House,” a second house, is being bought and the renovation work starts.

– An after-school group for children from needy families from Ghimbav is established in order to prevent school dropout. We have also started to support and provide food and medicine for these families and other people in need.

May 2000 – Two more children’s groups are established. At the end of the year, the number of children from both houses is 22.

April 2004 – Two more children are welcomed in “Prichindel House.” Total number of assisted children is 24.

2007 – Together with another foundation we have started to support some gipsy families from Dumbravita.

September 2008 – A kindergarten for gipsy children is established in Dumbravita.

October 2009 – A new house was bought in Codlea and a youth group was created from former children who grew up at the foundation and will live in the new house.